TKIS The Kooralbyn International School

The original TKIS opened in 1985 as a secondary boarding school in what is now the school's Lower Campus. The new school opened as a Prep to Year 12 coeducational, day and boarding school in 2004.

The official name of the school is The Kooralbyn International School, but lately it has come to be known locally as just: 'The Kooralbyn School'

TKIS has always been a small school. Being small has its advantages and disadvantages, but throughout its history, TKIS has strived to be a school dedicated to excellence in both academic and sporting pursuits. This can be demonstrated by the amazing number of state and national representatives and successful graduates of the school. Taking 2010 as an example, the school boasted eight secondary school students who represented the state in various sporting endeavours. For a small school this is an amazing result and represents something like 44 times more state representatives than a school its size should statistically be entitled to.

TKIS is the only school in Australia to have produced TWO 'Young Australian Of The Year' recipients (Olympian Cathy Freeman and scientist Scott Hocknull). There have only ever been thirty Young Australians of the Year awarded and TWO of them have come from this tiny little school in the Gold Coast hinterlands.

At the 2011 US Masters golf tournament, two young Australian golfers were vying for the championship lead on the last day of the event. Both golfers (Adam Scott and Jason Day) were

former TKIS students and former members of the school's world-famous Golf Mastery program which still produces state and national student representatives today. According to the USPGA, never before in history, have the final two contenders of any major international golf tournament been former students of the same school.

In 2007, the school graduated Michael Kelly, who at 12 years of age, was the youngest student ever to be officially enrolled as a full-time student at an Australian university. Michael, who majored in mathematics and physics while completing his Senior Studies here at TKIS, was a member of the school's early university preparation programs. These programs have recently been formalised into the school's SUPr (Specialised University Preparation) Program which offers students the opportunity to engage in extended and enriched study while at high school.

We are often asked, how does such a small school continue to produce such an amazing list of successful students year after year? We believe the answer is simple: 'attitude'. Kooralbyn is not the school for everyone. We expect our students to work hard, to strive for excellence, to maintain the highest standards in dress, behaviour, pride, respect and work-ethic. Understandably, in today's 'the world owes me a living' kind of culture, these demanding standards are not always popular with children. But for those students who ARE prepared to take on the challenge of wearing our famous 'Maroon, White and Grey', we remind them daily that: 'Anything is possible, when you're the best that you can be'.

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