TKIS The Kooralbyn International School

The Kooralbyn Ethos

W.B.Yates is credited as saying: 'Education is not the filling of a bucket, but the lighting of a fire.'

At Kooralbyn, we wholeheartedly believe this to be true. Our mission is to provide an environment in which our students are ignited by a passion to succeed, a hunger to learn and desire to share the experience with classmates who will become life-long friends.

Being a Prep to Year 12 school, we have the added advantage of being able to nurture such passions and hungers progressively. Our Early Years schooling is all about play and discovery and building confidence. As each school year progresses, we begin to expect and demand slightly more of our students until by the time they are completing their senior years of schooling, we are dealing with self-motivated, independent problem-solvers; respectful young men and women who have developed the habits of success and the skills of leadership, who are prepared for anything today's competitive world can throw at them.

It is our belief that education is a 'journey' that gives a school like TKIS its greatest advantage ... a small school that can take a personal interest in each child's passions and strengths and guide them into becoming confident young men and women.

This school has a rich history and an amazing legacy that is inherited by every student who wears our famous maroon, grey and white.

Our motto is Absol Fiducia : Belief in one's self. To us it isn't just a slogan, it's a conviction. We believe in each other here at Kooralbyn. We're also mindful to ensure that our students learn the valuable difference between pride, confidence and a healthy respect for authority versus conceit, over-confidence and a lack of initiative.

We believe we are ideally suited to accompany our students on their exciting and challenging journey, because 'it takes a village to educate a child'.

We aspire to create an atmosphere of a small educational 'village' that provides every student with the opportunity to be the best that they can be and helps them find success and happiness on whatever pathway their individual strengths and passions lead them.


Our Student Pledge:
As a Kooralbyn student I pledge:
To believe in myself, and strive to be the best that I can be,
Because anything is possible, when I'm the best that I can be.

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