TKIS The Kooralbyn International School

The 'Upper Primary Years' of TKIS are Grades 5 to 6/7.

These years are characterised by a fixed curriculum offering all eight of the Core Learning Areas of the QSA (Qld Studies Authority) and the Australian Curriculum namely...

  • English
  • Maths
  • Science
  • The Arts [Art, Music, Drama, Movement]
  • HPE
  • SOSE (Studies of Society & Environment, which in the Australian Curriculum has been replaced by separate subjects... History and Geography.)
  • LOTE (Languages Other Than English ... Japanese, German, Chinese)
  • Technology

To these we add a range of what we believe are valuable 'support' and 'life' subjects...

  • Phonics
  • Literacy
  • Maths Support
  • Sport
  • FOCUS for our 'Upper Years' of Primary School ::

    The focuses for our Senior Primary Years are...

    • to establish the basics of the core knowledge areas required in Junior Secondary School
    • to build a platform for success and confidence at every step
    • to develop curiosity, a thirst for knowledge and a stimulation of the senses
    • to encourage and enjoy the process of discovery and learning
    • to enhance communication skills and excite the imagination
    • to guide the physical, emotional and intellectual development of every student and
    • to establish the 'habit' of opening our minds and being the best that we can be


    'Upper Primary Years' Class Sizes and Orientation ::

    No class at TKIS Primary School should exceed 24 students. (In practice we usually manage to achieve considerably better than this.)

    Actual structure of the classes will change from year to year to best accommodate enrolment numbers.

    TKIS UPPER PRIMARY employs a 'Mixed-Age, Developmental Level Based' structure where students of two years age difference are grouped together. This model is usually referred to as 'Composite Classes'. The purpose of this strategy (which is used around the world in Montessori and other successful programs) is to allow younger children the stimulation of older children, who in turn benefit from acting as role models and leaders. One of the best assessment items ever devised, is the requirement to teach something to others.

    Students tend to stay in the same class for two or three years (as they complete the curriculum requirements of their age group). This provides additional stability and a strong sense of community within each group.

    Where possible in non-academic subjects, the 'Upper Primary' classes are integrated into 'whole school' experiences, so that our students become familiar with socialising with older (and younger) students to develop a sense of 'school'.

    Upper Primary Years @ TKIS Philosophy:

    Kooralbyn is a school with high standards and high expectations of its students. Though our Upper Primary Years are designed to be a warm, caring, safe phase of schooling, the expectations of self-discipline and dress standards become greater on each age group cohort of students.

    Student Leaders are selected from the Grade 6 and 7 classes and all students in these grades are expected to demonstrate leadership and be exemplary role models for the younger students of our Primary School.

    See: 'Year 7 Transition to High School'.

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