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The Junior High School years at TKIS are
Grades 7/8 and 9.

NOTE: Until recently, Junior High was referred to as Middle School, but with the transition of Year 7 into High School, the Middle Years have now been renamed: Junior High School.

(NOTE: For additional information about completing Years 7, 8 or 9 as a member of the school's SUPr Program, please use the UNIVERSITY PREP link in the menu above and select the relevant links.)

These years are characterised by a fixed curriculum offering the eight Core Learning Areas of the QSA (Qld Studies Authority) and the new Australian Curriculum namely...

  • English
  • Maths
  • Science
  • Technology
  • The Arts [Art, Drama, Music, Graphics]
  • HPE
  • SOSE (Studies of Society and Environment referred to as History and Geography in the Australian Curriculum)
  • LOTE (Languages Other Than English) [Japanese, German, Chinese, Latin]

To these we add a range of what we believe are valuable 'life education' subjects...

  • First Aid
  • Self Defence
  • Literacy
  • Sport
  • House (essentially 'community service' organisations in areas like Sports Competitions, Agricultural-Science, Hospitality & Tourism, Arts-Crafts-Trades, etc)

...or students can also opt to focus on one of our excellent 'Mastery' programs, developing specific expertise in areas like...

  • Golf
  • Swimming
  • Aviation
  • Athletics
  • Equestrian
  • Drama
  • Music
  • Tennis

For Grade 8 students, we believe that our students are better served by being exposed to the widest range of Arts and Languages as possible. For this reason, all four arts and at least two foreign languages are rotated each term...ensuring that every student in Grade 8 is exposed to at least an introductory course across the range of subject offerings.

In Grade 9, we continue the exposure to all four arts areas, but allow students to specialise in a specific foreign language.

Grade 7 students are being phased into Junior High School over a period of several years. For more information go to 'Year 7 Transition' on this website.

To review our current (or latest) Timetable, you can click here or follow the other links on this website.

FOCUS for our Junior High School ::

The focuses for our Junior High School years are...

  • to consolidate the core knowledge areas achieved in Primary School
  • to ensure that the transition from Primary School to Secondary School is achieved with minimal stress
  • to build a platform for success in Senior School
  • to commence the 'career pathway' decision process
  • to help motivate students to build their desire to achieve success on the pathways they are discovering

Junior High School Class Sizes and Orientation ::

No class at TKIS Junior High should exceed 24 students and any class that exceeds 16 students will have TWO teaching staff assigned to every core subject area...ensuring that TKIS maintains a maximum student-to-teacher ratio of 16:1 in any core subject area classroom. (In practice we usually manage to achieve considerably better than this.)

In Grade 8 the school attempts to provide single-gender classes for at least the first Semester each year. Once assessment results have been finalised at the end of Semester 1, the structure and orientation of the classes is assessed, analysed and decided upon. Typically, the purpose of this assessment process is to ensure the optimum learning environment for each student.

To minimise the impact of the transition from one Grade to the next, the structure of Grade 9 classes is usually based on the previous year's Grade 8 classes (assuming that new enrolments for Grade 9 can be accommodated within such a class structure.)

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