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Why TKIS Boarding?

The American journalist Sydney Harris once eloquently wrote: 'The whole purpose of education is to turn mirrors into windows'.

He was referring to the common adolescent preoccupation of self-obsession and the need for education to encourage young people to transfer their focus away from themselves and towards the world inwhich they will soon compete. What safer or more effective way for a child to be shown a window on the world, than from the 'world village' of an international boarding school?

Though the majority of boarders at TKIS are local Australian children, a broad range of nationalities and cultures are represented in our dormitories with almost half our boarders coming from countries throughout Asia and Europe. This rich cultural fusion is one of the great benefits of boarding at a school like TKIS, because for education to be a passport to the world, it needs to be an education about the world.

Our boarder numbers tend to be split evenly between boys and girls (each gender housed in adjoining dormitories on the school's lower campus). Their ages span the years of high school. They come here for many reasons including the fine academic reputation the school enjoys, our world-famous mastery programs in golf, equestrian, aviation, athletics, drama, swimming and tennis or to simply obtain an education in an English language (what better way to improve one's English than to be submerged in it 24 hours a day?)

Dietary needs of boarders are provided by the school's commercial kitchen facilities. Though Kosher and Halaal diets are unfortunately not available, our professional cooks are happy to cater for a wide range of other special dietary needs including low-fat, low-salt, vegetarian, etc. The old days of 'boarding school food' being something to joke about have long gone. TKIS prides itself in being able to offer its boarders a menu that is both nutritious and delicious that covers both western and Asian tastes.


Perhaps one of the greatest advantages of boarding school, is the benefit it provides in terms of routine, discipline, time management and the 'perception of equity and fairness' for teenagers. When a parent tells a teenager to 'clean up their room', the child might be inclined to entertain the notion that their parents are being mean, unfair or biased against them. However, when a dorm parent tells twenty teenagers to clean up their rooms, no such notion of unfairness or bias is likely because of the inherent: 'we ALL have to do it and we ALL have to do it at the SAME TIME' attitude that exists within the well-structured regime of a boarding school environment. This 'it must be fair because everyone has to do it' philosophy provides boarding schools with a major advantage and is one of the reasons that students who come through a good boarding school culture are often better adjusted, less self-obsessed and more patient with and sympathetic to the needs of others.

The school's boarding facilities are open to students from Years 7 to 12. Apart from its excellent reputation in food and pastoral care, one of the greatest advantages of boarding at TKIS is its safety/security aspect. Being located in a healthy, rural setting, there are no local shopping malls, gangs, violence or other distractions or concerns for our students. Students who would benefit from a regular routine, positive supervision, good discipline and the opportunity to develop their social skills in a small 'global village' atmosphere are likely to flourish here.

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