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Frequently Asked Questions about our Mastery Programs.

First of all we should explain WHAT our Mastery Programs are:

Mastery Programs are ELECTIVE programs offered by TKIS to provide specialised instruction and participation in a specific discipline for our Secondary School students. They are offered within normal school time and sometimes also outside normal school time. Generally speaking, the Mastery Programs will have a career path objective. For example, our current Mastery Programs cover disciplines like Golf, Equestrian, Athletics, Drama, Music and Tennis ... and it is assumed that the students participating in them have an ambition to pursue a career in the respective disciplines.

What is the purpose of the school's Mastery Programs?:
The purpose of a Mastery Program is to provide an opportunity for students to pursue their specific passions beyond what can be offered within normal school. When you collect a group of students all sharing a common objective to achieve excellence in a particular field, you create one of those 'the whole is greater than the sum of its parts' kind of outcomes that can be life-changing for young people. Our Mastery Programs strive to provide friendly competition, dedicated and professional support and a structured program of development and improvement that helps each student attain personal goals within their chosen field of specialisation.

What kinds of outcomes do students achieve from the school's Mastery Programs?:
Suffice it to say, the list of State and National representatives the school's Mastery Programs have produced (and continue to produce) is staggering. Individual outcomes vary for every child however, depending upon a number of variables... their personal goals, their level of dedication, determination and commitment and obviously to some extent, their natural talent.

What Mastery Programs are offered?:
Mastery Programs are sometimes suspended or temporarily postponed from time to time and others may have reached their maximum capacity and have temporarily suspended new admissions, so parents should check with the school to ensure course and place availability, but currently the school is offering Mastery Programs in...
• Athletics • Health & Fitness • Drama • Performance (Media)
• Equestrian • Performance (Music) • Digital Communication & Design • Tennis • SUPr (Specialised University Preparation)

When are the Mastery Programs conducted?:
Though the timetables can change from time to time, Mastery Programs usually operate all day Friday and in some cases also on Wednesday afternoons. Some Mastery Programs also offer a regular after-school component. For more specific details, you should refer to the individual Mastery Information Sheets on the school's website.

What do the Mastery Programs cost?:
Different Mastery Programs have different costs and so therefore must charge different fees to cover those costs. Aviation (when it is operating) for example, requires the hiring of aircraft for the purpose of lessons and so is quite an expensive program compared to other Masteries. Though the charges vary depending on the Mastery being considered, the one thing that remains the same is the 'value for money' that our Mastery Programs represent. In all cases, undertaking a Mastery Program at TKIS is considerably less expensive than attempting to obtain the same level of coaching, facilities, transport services and activities from external commercial providers. Mastery Programs are not run at a profit. They are designed to cover their costs and have access to many school resources at no charge. Combining this with the school's ability to amortise costs across the number of students involved in each program means that the costs to parents is always lower than they would otherwise be able to obtain outside school. An example of this 'value for money' can be seen in the Aviation Mastery Program which would permit a student to obtain a Commercial Pilots License for about 55% of the cost of obtaining the same qualification through outside commercial operators. For current fees and charges for each Mastery, please refer to the latest School Fees Schedule.

What happens to the school work that the Mastery students miss out on while they are doing their Mastery Program?:
As explained above, Mastery Programs operate all day Friday and on Wednesday afternoons. Students who are not enrolled in a Mastery Program would be involved in what we call 'non-core subjects' during these times. On Wednesday afternoons, non-Mastery students would be involved in Sport. On Fridays, non-Mastery students would be involved in non-academic subjects like Self-Defence, First Aid, Life Skills, Career Studies or other subjects that the school believes are worthwhile in their own right but don't affect a students academic performance at school. In this way, Mastery Students are not disadvantaged academically and yet they get to spend almost 30% of their school week pursuing their chosen field of specialisation.

What formal qualifications do the Mastery Programs offer?:
Formal Vocational Qualifications are not necessarily the objective of the school's Mastery Programs. Having said that, the school is continually seeking ways to provide such qualifications. For example, students in the Equestrian Mastery Program work towards obtaining an EFA Equi-Skills Certificate. Aviation Mastery Students obviously work towards obtaining a Pilots Certificate, Pilots License and ultimately a Commercial Pilots License. Golf, Athletics, Swimming and other sports Masteries are currently involved in a course work program that will lead to the option of potentially achieving a Cert II or Cert III in Sports (Coaching).

What are the entry requirements to gain a place in a Mastery Program?:
Some Mastery Programs have set requirements for entry. Generally speaking however, most Mastery Programs will be able to accept any student who can demonstrate their potential to achieve success in the program. This means that a student's attitude, dedication and work ethic are far more important than their past achievements in the discipline. Obviously Equestrian Mastery students would need their own horse, golf students need their own equipment, etc, but depending on available vacancies, it is the correct 'attitude' that our Mastery Coordinators are looking for most.

Can a student participate in two Mastery Programs at the same time?:
The short answer is 'no'. It IS possible to switch between two Masteries on a regular basis (i.e. participate in one Mastery for one term and then switch to another Mastery for another term, etc.) This is certainly NOT encouraged but it IS possible. What isn't possible is to be undertaking two Masteries concurrently.

What happens if a student starts a Mastery Program then decides to pull out of it?
Like all programs at TKIS, ONE TERMS NOTICE IN WRITING is required to make any changes to a student's educational program. If a student decides to pull out of a Mastery Program without giving the required notice, they will be charged one term's Mastery Fees in lieu.

What happens if a student starts a Mastery Program but then the school decides at some point they can't continue with it?
If a student begins to struggle with their academic work (i.e. starts failing school subjects), or starts demonstrating behaviour problems (finds themselves getting too many demerits from school) they will be suspended or excluded from participating in a Mastery Program until they have rectified the problem. Though the school won't reimburse a family for unused fees if they are suspended or excluded from a Mastery, the portion of unused fees will be kept as a credit to be used either when the student has earned the right to return to the Mastery Program, or with the approval of the school Principal, the credit can be applied to the same Mastery Program for another sibling in the original child's family.

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