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Why join the TKIS SUPr Program?
Frequently Asked Questions about the SUPr Program

When you assemble together a group of young people all driven by a shared commitment to achieve the highest standards, you accomplish one of those 'the whole is greater than the sum of its parts' kind of outcomes that far surpasses the expectations of normal schooling. You create a culture of excellence ... born from a shared motivation for success, nurtured by an 'us against the world' attitude that generates true esprit de corps and driven by friendly competition ... all of which creates something truly inspirational.

Beyond the program's extended school day, beyond its intensified curriculum, beyond its heavier work load commitments, beyond the passion and dedication of its teachers and beyond its unique support systems, it is the existence of this 'culture of excellence' within our SUPr Program that will ultimately be responsible for its greatest success.

Our SUPr Program is certainly not for everyone. It places heavy demands on its students and its serious English-Maths-Science focus will preclude a large percentage of students. Space in the program is limited, so unless a student has a serious commitment to their studies, an ambition to pursue a career path into one of the more competitive university courses (in science, medicine, law, engineering, commerce, aerospace, languages, maths, design, etc) AND the potential to achieve that ambition, it is unlikely that they will be accepted into the program. (For example, though technically there are no official minimum standards required for entry, the space limitations of the program mean that entry is a competitive process so unless a student is currently achieving at least a 'B' average in the three core subjects of English, Maths and Science, they would be unlikely to be selected for entry. The exception here would be students who come from non-English-language backgrounds, for whom a 'C' grade in English would be the minimum normally accepted.)

Frequently Asked Questions:

What if I want to join the SUPr Program but my grades aren't currently high enough to earn me a place?

Anyone can apply to enter the program, but there is currently a maximum of 25 students accepted into each grade level of the SUPr Program and only students who can demonstrate their ability to handle Advanced Maths, Extended English and a heavy subject workload are likely to be accepted. If you apply, are rejected and still want to compete for a place later, you have two options...
1. Make a serious effort in your normal classes (at which ever school you are currently attending), demonstrate a significant improvement in your grades and then reapply the following year.
2. If you are not currently a student of TKIS, you could consider coming to the school and enrolling as a Mid-Week Boarder which would allow you to take whatever after-school and evening classes you are able to get into. (The SUPr Program runs after-school classes and evening Tutorials/Workshops in its core subject areas and they are able to be 'sat-in' on, much like lectures at university can often be sat-in on. Though you won't be assessed as part of the SUPr Program and can't really ask too many questions, etc, attending such classes and completing the associated work provided in those classes is certainly likely to improve your results in those subjects... all of which would improve your chances of being accepted into the program the following year.)
Note: If you choose this option and then fail to demonstrate your commitment, work ethic, etc, in the classes that you 'sit in' on, you would NOT be helping your chances of gaining entry into the Program later.

How much does the SUPr Program cost?

Technically, apart from a small annual Excursion Fee, the costs of the SUPr Program are included within the Full Tuition Fees of the school. Local students who are attending TKIS on a Bursary or Foundation Scholarship should consult the latest School Fees and Charges information about what additional fees may be charged.

My child is already doing extremely well at school, would the SUPr Program be of any benefit? Can they be accelerated in this program?

The first part of this question is difficult to answer. Of course any program that increases classroom teacher contact time, places high academic demands on a child but also provides a greater level of support to match those demands and that allows a student to work with a group of like-minded and highly motivated students would be a benefit to ANY high achieving student. However, you have to balance this up with the potential damage caused by shifting a child from an environment in which they're already succeeding and the financial costs that the program might introduce.

The obvious answer is: If you are happy with your child's current education, then you have no reason to want to change it. If you are unhappy about some aspect or aspects of their education then you should consider all available choices.

As to the question about whether a child would be permitted to accelerate through grades? The SUPr Program is designed to facilitate acceleration through Grades 7 to 10 but not Grades 11 or 12. TKIS has successfully graduated Year 12 students as young as 15, 14 and even 12 years of age who have all gone on to be very successful at university. The school has proven ways of identifying those who are not only capable of acceleration but who would benefit from it. The Senior Syllabus in Queensland however, requires students to complete TWO full years of study, so acceleration is not technically possible within Grades 11 and 12.



Frequently Asked Questions (Continued)

Do I have to be a boarder at TKIS to join the SUPr Program?

To undertake the full program yes, you would need to become at least a mid-week boarder at TKIS (to improve security, the evening tutorials and workshops are operated from the Boarding School's facilities not the Day School's). However, the program is available in two formats ...

  • The Mid-Week-Boarding SUPr Program includes EIGHT hours per day of classroom contact (including TWO hours per night of Tutorials and Workshops) and involves a TWELVE HOUR school day. This program is only available with a Mid-Week or Full-Time Boarding option.
  • The Day-Student SUPr Program includes SIX hours per day of classroom contact. This program is available to Day Students who can organise their own transport after school from 5:00 PM (excluding Fridays which finish at 3:00 PM.)

What subjects do I have to study and what if I want to choose other subjects?

The SUPr Program by design has a strong English, Maths, Science focus. Its subjects have been selected for students who are likely to want to gain entry into university courses that are highly competitive, namely : the sciences, medicine, law, engineering, commerce, aerospace, languages, mathematics and design (architecture, etc) fields. You can see the full list of subjects available to SUPr Program participants by reading the latest SUPr Program Brochure or by looking at the SUPr Program Subject Selection Form (for Grades 10 to 12). If your interests at university lean more towards the arts-humanities you might find the subject availabilities of the SUPr Program a little limited. Since arts-humanities courses at university are typically easier to get into, you are likely to be able to gain entry into these courses by simply completing a normal high school program.

How do we apply for entry into the SUPr Program?

The SUPr Application Process Schedule will hopefully provide everything you need to know.

If you are already a student of TKIS, all you need to do is complete the SUPr Program Application Form.
If you are not currently a TKIS student you will need to complete BOTH the TKIS Student Application Forms AND the SUPr Program Application Form. Since places in the program are limited, it is advised that you apply as early as possible.

What are the costs of the SUPr Program?

The cost of the program is included in normal high school tuition fees (See School Fees and Charges.) Students who are attending the school on a Bursary or Foundation Scholarship are required to contribute fees towards the costs of the program (refer to latest School Fees and Charges.)

What grades does the SUPr Program cover and how early can we apply?

The SUPr Program covers upper high school grades only. Due to the complexity of the work being covered the SUPr Program will cover Grades 9 to 12 only. Currently, applications are open for students entering Grades 9 to 12. (Direct entry into Grades 9 and 12 is discouraged and special interview with the School Principal is required for any student who seeks to enter the SUPr Program directly inGrade 9 or Grade 12.)

In theory, students can apply (in advance) at any age, though students younger than Grade 8 are likely to have difficulty being able to demonstrate their potential for success in subjects like Advanced Maths, etc.

Why participate in the SUPr Program in Grades 9 or 10 if the objective of the program is to improve a student's Year 12 OP result?

Education (and for that matter, learning) is a process. The Year 12 results are the culmination of many years work. The more years that a student benefits from the advantages offered by the SUPr Program the stronger their work practices, the better their background knowledge, the greater their overall confidence and the better their ultimate results will become. The SUPr Program is offered over several years for a reason.

Some would argue that Year 12 (even Year 11) is far too late to try to address problems or weaknesses in a child's learning or study habits. For this reason, parents who believe that the SUPr Program would benefit their child are encouraged to enrol them in advance as early as possible to allow the school to be aware of their intentions and provide an enriched program pathway in Grades 7, 8 and 9 for example, even if the child is not officially participating in the SUPr Program itself until Grade 9 or 10.

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