TKIS The Kooralbyn International School

Why choose TKIS as a school?

Along with our high standards in dress, behaviour, work ethic and attitude, the other major reasons for choosing TKIS involve the four somewhat unique programs that this school offers, namely:

  • Our Prep-Primary School program with its old-fashioned 'back to basics' curriculum and its warm 'village' atmosphere.
  • Our Secondary School Program with its high academic standards, its small class sizes and its benefit from association with...
  • Our optional Specialised University Preparation (SUPr) Program, the first program in Australia to offer extended school days, an intensified Maths-Science curriculum and additional support systems to ensure that its students maximise their chances of getting into university and success once they get there and
  • Our optional world-class Mastery Programs in Golf, Athletics, Equestrian, Aviation, Swimming, Tennis, Drama and Music that allow students to devote 25% of their school week to the pursuit of their chosen career path.

On-Campus Boarding Accommodation: The school's boarding facilities are open to students from Years 7 to 12 and offer safe, healthy and economic pastoral care for students of the school.

Vocational Education: Though Kooralbyn College does not currently offer a specialised Vocational Education program within our High School, we ARE perfectly set up to support School-Based Apprenticeships and offer non-OP subjects in our Senior School.

For more information about each of these unique programs, use the navigation links above or follow the links on this page.

Why NOT to Choose TKIS:

There are also many good reasons to NOT choose TKIS...

We have probably the highest standards in uniform, behaviour and work expectations of any school in the region. This does not necessarily suit all children. If a student comes to Kooralbyn college, they must have their hair cut conservatively, they must NOT wear make-up or jewellery and they must adhere to our strict uniform and behaviour code. We believe that demonstrating a student's respect for authority, pride in their uniform and attitude to their work are far more important qualities to develop at school than an ability to impress their peers with their fashion sense.

Being a small school with small class sizes, students can't slip through the cracks and hide unnoticed in our classrooms as much as they can in larger schools. This means that if they come here, students must be prepared to work hard. (Again, this does not appeal to all students.)

TKIS is a small school with an academic and masteries focus (see Why Choose TKIS as a School).

  • We do NOT have a brilliant Vocational Education program (though we can assist our Senior School students with obtaining School-Based Apprenticeships).
  • We do NOT have a large instrumental music program (though we DO offer Music as a subject from the early years of our Primary School).
  • Though we are rightly proud of our sporting achievements (an incredible EIGHT TKIS students represented the state in various sports in 2010 for example), we are too small a school to offer many team sports opportunities like Rugby, Cricket, Soccer, etc. Our sports focus tends to be on 'solo or small group sports' (like golf, swimming, athletics, equestrian and tennis) that don't require large teams.

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