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Effects of the Year 7 Transition to High School.

Of course being a Prep-12 school, TKIS is in a much better position than other schools to fulfill the State Government requirement of integrating Year 7 into high school.

Indeed we have been slowly moving towards this new structure since 2009. In practice, all it will mean for our Year 7 students in 2012 is that they will have the benefit of more specialist teachers for subjects like Science, Languages and Technology.

Maths and English classes will be retained within Primary school; Year 7 students will retain a form teacher like Primary school, but all their other subject classes will be led by specialist high school teachers whose job it will be to ensure that our Year 7 students are at the standard required to enter Grade 8 the following year.

Primary School Captains and Student Leaders from BOTH Grades 6 and 7 for next few years:

Primary School Captains and student leaders will be chosen from BOTH our current Year 6 and Year 5 students (i.e. Year 6 and 7 students in the following year). This will ensure that our Year 6 students won't miss out on the experience of being leaders for their school during the transition phase and again, it's one of the many advantages of being an integrated Prep-12 school. It will also allow Year 7 students to act as mentors and role models for Year 6 student leaders.

If you would like to see an example of the 'Integrated Timetable' for Year 7, go to STUDENTS > TIMETABLES in the menu above.

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