Small school... big heart.

TKIS is a small, inclusive school. It takes a village to raise a child and we pride ourselves on our supportive community mindset. More than just an anti-bullying policy...we have an anti-bullying ethos and culture that defines our school and our beautiful 450 students. Our Superpower is 'kindness'.

Small school... big futures.

Welcome to TKIS...a small, private co-ed school for Prep to Grade 12 students who want to have 'big futures'. Because...anything is possible when you believe in yourself.

Small school... big picture.

At Kooralbyn, we try to balance passionate teaching and digitally-enhanced classrooms to create a 'big picture' perspective that produces confident young men and women who not only value the world but envision their amazing place in it.

The Kooralbyn Formula

Small school + small class sizes + incredible teachers and staff + technologically advanced systems = better outcomes, fewer students slipping through the cracks and more Young Australians of the Year produced than any other school in the country.


Registered Teachers

Av. Class Size

OP 1-15

Because anything is possible...
when I'm the best that I can be.


Some famous Old Kooralbians

Olympian, OAM, Australian of the Year

Scientist, Young Australian of the Year

World Class Golfer

World Class Golfer


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