The power of design...

Digital Design Mastery is one of the school's newer masteries but it is certainly a popular one. It began in 2016 and its students have been producing exciting productions and presentations for a wide range of audiences. Students from Grades 7 to 12 share their amazing journey of exploration and discovery as they build their own confidence and allow the freedom of visual and graphic expression to help define themselves as young men and women.

Who should join this Mastery?

Anyone wishing to develop their photograpy, design, graphics and problem-solving skills and explore their visual expression as a career path option.

What career paths exist?

Many... photographer, photo-journalist, graphic designer, web designer, games designer, animator, teacher, etc.

What kinds of activities are students of this mastery involved in?

Depending on the grade/year level, students begin with basic photography and image manipulation but in later years can progress into various streams including web design, graphic design even game design and simple animation and 3D modelling techniques. Other than the first year or so (where students work is heavily focused around image capture-photography), this is a very computer-centric program.

What formal qualifications can be earned from this mastery?

Students in Grades 10-12 can earn credits towards the ATAR Applied Subject of Arts in Practice. Full completion and successful submission of all course work in Grade 12 would achieve full credit in that subject. Students are also able to compete in an organised photography competitions and related project and production work.

What are the equipment or uniform requirements for this mastery?

For details, consult the Coordinator. Students in this mastery normally wear their Sports Uniform unless otherwise instructed.

What is the maximum number of students in this mastery in each grade?

Up to 18 students across Grades 7 to 12 are accepted into this mastery each year. Entry is by interview (or portfolio submission for the older grades). Interviews are held in the first or second week of each term.